Growth is a Journey

Boomagram takes a hands on approach to helping you grow your business through Instagram, helping you reach your goals faster.

Looking to grow your Instagram with high quality followers?

At Boomagram we produce professional results and deliver real, active and engaged users that are aligned with your business goals. Many of our clients see over 1,500 new high-quality followers per month!
Building an Instagram following can be extremely valuable to any business. Having a large audience of interested followers that will continue to see your posts and marketing messages for years to come can be the difference between success and failure. Marketing is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be with Boomagram.

How It Works:

Your tribe is out there, we help you find them.

Step 1: Awareness

Users become aware of your brand
We find users that are aligned with your business based on their interests. We then target them with actions through your account, by following them, liking their content, watching their story and liking comments they have recently left. This makes them aware of you as they see your account name in their notifications.

Step 2: Follower Growth

Interested users follow you
Many of the targeted users will visit your profile, where they will see your bio and content. If they are interested in your business, and why wouldn’t they, they will follow you so that they can continue to see more. Many will be instantly interested and visit your website link or contact you about your product or service.

Step 3: Tribe

Connect with your tribe
Your following will grow with interested users and you have the ability to continue to connect and market to them through your future content. By posting engaging content, you can begin to find your tribe, users that are more than just interested but will respond to your calls to action.

Who do we work with?

We bring a uniquely crafted approach to every account, which is why we are able to deliver success to such a wide range of clients.


We help busy entrepreneurs grow while they focus on what they do best, running their business.


Businesses and brands work with us to build credibility and raise awareness, which is vital for success in an online world.


We work with musicians/artists/creatives to build their fanbase, giving them more support and freedom to create.


We help Non-Profits tell their story, raising awareness and generating donations and support for the cause.

Why Chose Boomagram?

What sets us apart from the competition?

Custom Growth Strategy

We take a custom approach to each account to create organic sustainable growth that is aligned with your business goals.

Highest Quality Proxies

We use only US-based residential addresses to perform actions for our clients, the highest quality available.

Quality Target Sources

We research your audience to find the best sources of followers who are more likely to be interested in you.

Warm Up Phase

We start your service with a warm up period, increasing your actions each day, to avoid any red flags.

User Filters

We don't just follow anyone, we filter the users that we target to ensure they are real accounts that are active.

Scheduled Downtime

We schedule your account to have days off, this appears more organic and leads to sustainable growth.

Our Strategy:

How do we produce the results?

Audience Targeting

By selecting target sources aligned with your business, we find users that are interested in what you have to offer. Using quality sources finds users that are more aligned with your business goals, for some businesses that will be hashtags for others it will be competitor accounts. Our strategists are experts at finding the best sources for users that are the right fit for you.


Quality over quantity is our motto. We put filters in place to ensure that the users we target are real, active and engaging with accounts and content similar to yours. We filter users by how many people they follow, how many followers they have, when their most recent post was, when they recently interacted with media in your niche just to name a few.

Result monitoring

We track your results to better understand where your new followers are coming from. If you see users that are not aligned with your goals, we can track which source they are coming from and adjust your strategy. This ensures you continue to find the best users and improve your results over time.

Sustainable Approach

Our mission is to help you build for long term success, so our strategy includes sustainable thinking. We start things off slowly and build up over time, taking this approach ensures that we can continue to connect you with new users over a long period of time. With an eye on building real success we produce better long term results leading to more sustainable growth.

What to Expect:

Our Process

Week 1:

Account Setup/Pre-Warm up Phase
The first week of your service is all about account setup and getting the account active. We develop your strategy, input your target sources and start to find your audience. In the first week you will reach a few hundred users and begin to see some slow growth.

Week 2-3:

Warm Up Phase 2
Once your account is setup and active, we slowly increase the actions you perform each day. This warm up phase is vital in the process for your account safety and sustainability.

Week 4+:

Sustainable Growth Phase
After your account has been properly warmed up and prepared, we can move into the sustainable growth phase. In this phase we stabilize your activity and adjust your target sources as needed to improve results.

Get Started:

Lets build something great together.
Our social marketing gurus develop your custom strategy with custom filters in place to make sure the users are best aligned with your business. We monitor your results and adjust the strategy as needed to ensure you reach users that are aligned with your business and that your results continue to improve over time.


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