Meet Boomagram a social minded business.

Boomagram has been helping businesses grow their Instagram following since 2016.
In 2013 our founder Casey McCune started with a single client. A Los Angeles based cigar shop who was selling their cigars online. In just a few months he was able to grow their Instagram following to over 10,000 followers and drive thousands of dollars in sales just by posting on Instagram. Over the next few years he continued to drive business through social media for several clients and began developing a formula for success. In 2016 he launched Boomagram as an answer for businesses looking to increase exposure and build their following with a simplified solution. Since its inception, Boomagram has helped hundreds of clients find real success by finding the right users for their profile. Many of our original clients are still with us to this day and have grow significantly over the years, building large communities of users that are interested in their business.

About the founder:

Casey McCune

Casey has been an entrepreneur since 2006 starting with a photography business, then moving into graphic design and print marketing. While doing marketing work, several of his clients began asking for his help with their social media. He soon became known as the Instagram guy and was working with businesses, musicians, artists and influencers. In 2016 he came up with the idea for Boomagram to allow him to help clients anywhere in the world grow their Instagram following. This freed him up to pursue his passions of traveling, exploring his creativity and attending music festivals all over the world. He is now based in Ubud, Bali where aside from running Boomagram he also offers personal and professional coaching.

Our Values

We’re your experienced guides for navigating the complexities of social marketing.

Do The Right Thing

We’re honest, authentic people and believe good character is crucial to healthy growth.

Be a positive force.

We’re positive people and believe in making this life better for each of us.

Create with purpose.

We’re intentional people and believe in achieving meaningful outcomes.