$149.00 / month



Our social marketing gurus develop your custom strategy with custom filters in place to make sure the users are best aligned with your business. We monitor your results and adjust the strategy as needed to ensure you reach users that are aligned with your business and that your results continue to improve over time.
What’s Included:

Our service is strategically managed to find the users that are the best fit for your profile.
We find target sources that have the best chance of producing users that are interested in your profile.
We filter the users we target with several different criteria to find users that are more likely to be actively engaging.
We use the highest quality proxy addresses available to ensure the safety of the account. (Proxy addresses are important because Instagram looks at where the activity is coming from. If they notice you are using a data center proxy, they flag your account. We use only residential proxy addresses so it appears as if the actions are being done from a home.)
We spend time warming up the account so it appears as organic actions that were increased a little each day.
We utilize downtime, for safety purposes. We schedule days off and time where no actions are performed. This is also to appear as if a human is performing the actions.

We know how to build an account the right way and we take that approach for all of our clients. We are more focused on quality and sustainability than our “competitors” (meaning the other managed services out there).